Sustainable Resource Management




Iceland is endowed with rich natural resources. The prosperity of the Icelandic economy  in the 20eth century rested on the rich fishing grounds surrounding the country, as well as the natural sources of hydroelectric and geothermal power. In recent years the pristine nature and varied landscape have attracted tourists in rapidly growing numbers, while in the future the abundance of clean fresh water will gain  importance as a natural resource. At the same time, severe erosion of vegetation and soil is the greatest environmental threat the country faces.


Managing these natural resources is a constant challenge that demands solid understanding of the complex underlying processes. This is a field that requires an interdisciplinary approach, where specialists from many different areas are brought together.


The ISS has in particular  focused on tools for improved fisheries management - electronic fisheries logbooks, electronic management tools for fish processing factories, product tracing tools, improved digital bathymetric charts and remote surveillance of fisheries.

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