Safety at Sea

In the last century, Iceland´s economic prosperity rested on fisheries, demanding that fishermen venture out to sea all year round, often under severe weather conditions. A great number of fishermen have lost their lives at sea or suffered severe injuries. Research shows that work conditions in fisheries at sea are among the most dangerous in the world.

Safety at sea is one of the fields the ISS has focused on when studying the effects of environment on health.  

Ongoing projects in this field include:

  • A comprehensive electronic database of all reported injuries occurring on Icelandic vessels.
  • Studies on the type of injuries sustained in the fishing fleet and the conditions/ events leading up to the injury.
  • Safety management systems on board different types of fishing vessels.
  • Working conditions on board fishing vessels and in the fish processing industry.
  • Safety and survival training of fishermen.
  • International agencies and their policy regarding safety at sea.

Contact: Dr. Gudrún Pétursdóttir Director of ISS, University of Iceland

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