Iceland has been active in international cooperation pertaining to sustainable development and a leading partner in areas such as fisheries management, utilization of geothermal energy and the development of alternative energy sources and energy carriers.

Scientists at the University of Iceland have been instrumental in basic research and the application of knowledge in these areas. The Institute for Sustainability Studies (ISS) provides a venue for continued research, education and implementation of sustainability initiatives as well as a portal through which the University´s competence can be accessed.

The ISS catalyzes, facilitates and coordinates research projects to promote sustainable development.  The challenges society faces are rarely limited to single disciplines, but rather need interdisciplinary approaches drawing on competence from various fields. The ISS belongs to all five Schools of the University and is in a key position to bring together experts across fields and disciplines.

The ISS also contributes to the development of interdisciplinary study programs at the University of Iceland, in particular the  graduate programs on Environment & Natural Resources and Public Health.

Finally, the ISS promotes public awareness and understanding through open debate,  lectures and conferences.

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